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Looks Like Another Promise Unfulfilled?

The salary increases recommended by the bipartisan parliamentary emoluments committee are outrageous and a slap on the face of the poor.

The report recommends the Prime Minister’s wage be increased to $320,000, a 21% pay rise, while the President will receive an extra 42%. Ministers will get up to 35% and Asst Minister's 66% increases in their wage respectively.

The Speaker will collect a 47% pay rise while the Leader of the Opposition gets a bonanza of a $104,000 (108%) increase in their wage.

"In their election campaigns, the Coalition parties had promised to significantly reduce the excessively high salaries and allowances set by the Fiji First government.”

“They have obviously changed their minds and are going back on their promises just as they have done with other promises, such as reducing the cost of living and legislating a fair minimum wage”, said Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry

In fact, the increase of high-end wages is in itself inflationary and will only aggravate the galloping cost of living. This will also, no doubt, have a ripple effect on the long pending wage and salary negotiations in the public service, which will reduce the capacity in the government’s budget to provide essential services to those in need.

This is policy-making at its most self-indulgent without consideration to its detrimental impact on the people of Fiji. While the general population has to endure austerity measures in depressed economic conditions, Ministers are queuing up for pay increases.

The Report should be referred to the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs for public consultation. It is vital that views be sought from the people, the trade unions and employers. If these pay rises stand, we would hope that minimum wage restructuring will receive the same amount of attention.


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